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The appreciation of Bitcoin in 2020 exceeds the earnings of S&P 500 throughout 2019.


2020 has been good for Bitcoin (BTC). According to several factors, analysts believe that the appreciation of the main currency of the market will continue, after all, the year began trading at around US $ 7,250 and only 30 days later, its price rose to US $ 9,300, according to Coinmarketcap data.

After being crowned as the most profitable investment of the last decade, Bitcoin has continued with an optimistic movement this year. The market value of cryptography increased by approximately 30% in the last 30 days. In comparison, the S&P 500, one of the main US stock indices. UU., Achieved earnings of 29% throughout 2019.

According to the New York Times article, last year was also one of the best years for the US stock market. UU. In his article, the US news agency. UU. He cites that investors did not care about the turbulent political plot experienced in 2019.

The stock market has reached its best year in two decades. Stock prices were driven by pure optimism. And the Federal Reserve also deserves credit for lowering US interest rates, despite the frowning of a White House that wanted more.

Until December, the S&P increased by only 29%. But the market gradually increased as investors went through the turbulent year. Since mid-October, the shares have not seen a single daily gain of more than 1%.

With uncertainty, American investors saw what they liked: employment growth continued, American consumers continued to spend, and President Trump's talk about the trade war finally gave way to the promises of an initial agreement with China.

In December, several important growth measures suggested that a recession in the United States was unlikely to ruin the party in the short term. The main US companies reported that their profits continued and even the technology sector showed resistance against several attacks by presidential candidates and Congress.

According to the NYT:

“Even so, stock market analysts warn against total exuberance. The forces that raised the shares this year (2019) may disappear and investors will face a new set of risks in 2020, namely that the long-term expansion of the labor market may end and corporate profits may begin to fall short. Expectations All good business cycles are over and there is always a recession somewhere around the corner. ”

Regardless of whether the US stock market. UU. It continues to increase this year, this does not seem to scare Bitcoin, which started the year of wind and pulp in 2020.

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