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Senate Decision Day TIME ONLINE


In the impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump, the Democrats have little chance of getting further witnesses and evidence approved in today's Senate vote. On the night of Friday, a previously undecided Republican senator announced that he would vote against taking further evidence. "No further evidence is needed to prove something that has already been proven," said Lamar Alexander. The Tennessee senator was one of the few Republicans who could possibly vote to summon additional witnesses. The trial could end with an acquittal on Friday.

This Friday, the senators want to decide whether to allow new witnesses and evidence
become. The Republicans have 53 of the 100 seats in the Senate. For testimony
would have to admit four Republican senators with the Democrats
voices. This majority would not be possible without Alexander. The impeachment of the
Regardless of that, the president is considered due to the republican majority in the senate
locked out. Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said privately on Tuesday that AP Senators said he did not have enough
Votes to prevent new witnesses from being called.

Republican Senator Susan Collins from Maine wants to vote for new witnesses. She is playing alongside Alexander
and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). Another Republican Senator, Mitt Romney from
 Utah, had already made it clear that he would vote for new witnesses.

The Democrats are pushing for more witnesses, especially the former national
Security advisor John Bolton being able to interrogate who is still in his
unpublished book Trump has been heavily burdened. He
 accuses the president of a so-called quid pro quo, a performance against
 in return: Trump received $ 391 million in military assistance to Ukraine from an investigation into his potential challenger Joe Biden made dependent, he writes in his book manuscript. A statement made by Bolton under oath in the Senate was therefore cited in many US media as a possible turning point in the process, which has so far been virtually hopeless for the Democrats.

Trump threw the Democrat at a campaign event in Des Moines
 in the state of Iowa, wanting to void the 2016 election result through the impeachment process: "You
want to invalidate your ballot papers and poison our democracy
and overthrow the entire governmental system, "he said." It won't

The Senate takes on the role of impeachment
Court and decides on the charges. On Thursday, the senators had interviewed the prosecutors
House of Representatives and Trump's defenders continued. For the
Defense lawyer White House legal adviser Pat Cipollone called
 an acquittal of Trump. That is "the only reasonable result" that
 would not harm the country for generations.

"This is the normalization of lawlessness"

Outrage called a statement from the emeritus Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz out. He said that every politician assumes that his own re-election is in the public interest.

Measures that could lead to his own re-election – in this case, the planning of a possible dirt campaign against Joe Biden – should therefore not give rise to impeachment. In an interview with ZEIT, Dershowitz also said that the Trump trial was not about whether the president misused his power, but whether one could be relieved of his abuse of power – which, in his opinion, was not the case.

The head of the prosecution team, Democratic MP Adam Schiff, replied that with this argument, a president could do what he wanted. "This is the normalization of lawlessness," he said. The only reason for such an argument was that the defenders knew Trump's guilt. "This is an argument out of despair". Schiff also spoke of a "descent into constitutional madness."

Donald Trump – "Impeachment … why?"
The impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump begin in the US Senate. In our video, Rieke Havertz explains what he is accused of and how the process continues.

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