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Ken Griffin's Citadel fund is lined with its bearish position in Sabadell


The hedge fund Citadel, from Ken Griffin, one of the most important financial sharks in the world, has been the main beneficiary of the stock market crash of Sabadell Bank After their results.

According to the data sent to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), Citadel is the single entity that keeps open a bearish position on Sabadell that exceeds the 0.5% of capital. Ken Griffin's fund has already reported on September from last year this position, which has been increasing progressively until the 0.9% of capital, as reported by the past January 22.

Although the 0.5% reported position was opened in September when Sabadell shares traded at 0.75 euros, so that Citadel 'only' has taken a slice of the rest of its position, built from October, when Sabadell was trading at 0.88 euros.

This is because the bassists they borrow the shares when they think they will fall and sell them in the market. When the fall occurs, buy them back and pocket the difference, which also exacerbates the fall of a certain value when there are short positions on it.

This same Thursday, Citadel cut it slightly to 0.87%, according to the regulator, but in any case it is being the main beneficiary of the Sabadell stock market crash. The bank's stock market value has fallen to 4,681 million euros, after a 12% collapse, to 0.832 euros per share. Sabadell shares closed on Thursday at 0.9458 euros, which gave the entity a market capitalization of 5,319 million euros.

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