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Ibex chokes the bearish hollow of 9,562 points


In the short term, the key is in the bearish gap that our index left us last Monday at 9,562 points. Gap that has been filled in full but has not closed.

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We will be very attentive this coming at the end of the session, so that the information we give the weekly candle, much more reliable than the daily candle. You already know that a server likes to look at the charts on weekly candles in many cases because, in some way, soften the noise of each day. So, what we have is an important bearish hollow at 9,562 points with which our Ibex woke up last Monday. 'Gap' bassist that was filled in entirely, but it didn't close, in the equator of the week and from there we go down again the market. This means that the hole is acting as resistance with maximum precision. From what follows that to the extent that we do not close above 9,562 points and if it is in weekly candles better than better, the bias of 'trading' will continue to be bearish in the short term. Only closing a Friday above 9,562 points would neutralize the powerful corrective candle with which we started the week. Below, on the side of the supports, we have the minimum of this week (9,357) and below 9,100 points.

Daily Ibex chart since last summer

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