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4 factors that show that Bitcoin can present a massive price increase very soon.


Since Bitcoin went from just over US $ 1,000 to almost $ 20,000 in 2017, cryptocurrency enthusiasts await the moment when a massive increase in the price of the main crypto market will happen again. Some factors suggest that this will happen very soon.

Bitcoin halving approaches

According to the countdown, the halving of BTC is now less than four months. This is an event that occurs every four years, this time it will reduce the reward per block found from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC and increase the premise of scarcity. In previous years, there were large upward movements in the market as it approached half.

The term Halving is highly searched on Google

Google measures interest trends in particular subject on the basis of research conducted over time with a score of 100. With four days to end the month, searches for halving the BTC in January has scored more than 90 points. In comparison, in December 2019, 48 points were registered, which already represented a considerable growth in the search.

Searches for the term «Buy Bitcoin» on Google reach the historical maximum

According to cryptocurrency analyst Cryptokea and recent Google Trends data, trends for the search term "Buy Bitcoin" recently reached a maximum of seven months, the largest since June 2019, a move that may indicate a new upward momentum for The main cryptocurrency in the market.

Bitcoin shows a good hash rate.

According to the creator of cryptocurrency content The Moon, the BTC hash rate "reached" a new record of more than 123 leaks per second: a large astronomical number of hashes per second is calculated to process BTC transactions.

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