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Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA) and Gold (XAU) as an investment last year


A trader recently showed in data that since January of last year, Bitcoin has exceeded the earnings of Tesla, Apple and Facebook shares, in addition to gold.

Despite the crypto winter of 2018, the price of Bitcoin was reversed in 2019 and reached a point close to the $ 13,000 mark ($ 12,892, July 10). After that, all the bulls could do was push the price of BTC slightly above the $ 10,000 level. Many analysts still talked about the growth of BTC in 2019.

Now, a cryptocurrency trader shows that BTC has outperformed the gains of global heavyweight and gold stocks.

The trader and investor @BTC_Macro tweeted that, last year, Bitcoin surpassed global giants like Facebook (with its Libra project hitherto unsuccessful), Apple, gold and Tesla (with its cyber truck launched in 2019).

According to the merchant, Apple had the best performance among these companies (with a gain of 115%), followed by Facebook (+ 85%) and Tesla (+ 80%).

Gold, which Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, likes to mention as superior to Bitcoin, gained 19% last year, while Bitcoin grew 140%. The merchant finally says:

"BTC is still the biggest investment opportunity in the world."

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