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White House Wants to Stop Publishing Bolton Book | TIME ONLINE


The US President's Government Donald Trump takes action against the publication of a book by ex-security adviser John Bolton. The manuscript contains "significant amounts of intelligence," a National Security Council letter to a Boltons lawyer announced on Wednesday. Some passages are classified as "top secret". Without the deletion of the secret information, the book should not be published. Bolton had submitted the manuscript to the White House for review, as is common among government officials or former government officials.

The letter does not say exactly what parts of Bolton's book are concerned. The letter is from last Thursday, but has only now become known. Bolton had submitted the manuscript to the White House for review, as is common among government officials or former government officials.

Excerpts from the book were the New York Times leaked. According to the newspaper, Bolton contradicts Trump's account of the Ukraine affair, which is at the center of impeachment proceedings against the president.

Trump ordered freezing military aid to Ukraine to investigate corruption against Trump's domestic rival Joe Biden and to urge his son Hunter. Trump has given other reasons for withholding the $ 391 million and denies having named Bolton the investigation as a condition for the funds. The Bidens reject allegations of corruption. The focus of the Ukraine affair is a Trump call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj in July, in which he encouraged the investigation into Biden. Trump released foreign policy hardliner Bolton, who is said to have messed with many important people in Trump's team, on September 10.

Will Bolton witness the impeachment process?

Boltons in the New York Times The portrayal of Trump's actions in Ukraine policy corresponds to the allegations made by the Democrats who accuse Trump of abuse of office in an impeachment procedure. They want to invite Bolton as a witness in the impeachment proceedings they have initiated, which the Republicans in the Senate have so far rejected. But meanwhile, some moderate Republicans like Mitt Romney have signaled that Bolton's revelations could now persuade enough party supporters to vote for witnesses to be heard in the crucial Congress Chamber hearings.

The question also played a major role in the Senate trial on Wednesday. There the senators started asking questions to prosecutors and defense lawyers. The questions were submitted in writing and read by Chief Justice John Roberts, who leads the proceedings.

At the beginning of the question and answer session, the Democrats reiterated their request for testimony. Prosecutor Adam Schiff said a "fair trial without witnesses" was not possible. Bolton's statement is particularly important. The 100 senators can ask their questions for a total of 16 hours over two days. The debate over possible subpoenas is expected for Friday.

Because Trump's Republicans have a majority in the Senate, impeachment of the president is considered very unlikely. Bolton's public statements on the Ukraine affair could harm Trump in the race for re-election in November.


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