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Franziska Giffey to lead Berlin SPD | TIME ONLINE


Michael Müller, head of state of Berlin SPD and mayor of the capital waived another candidacy for the SPD chair. The reports Tagesspiegel and the transmitter rbb. The 55-year-old will not compete again at the state party convention in May. Müller had agreed with Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey that she would probably run in a double leadership at the party congress. The SPD parliamentary group leader in the House of Representatives, Raed Saleh, could become co-chair.

According to a report by image-Giffey had committed to a candidacy in an internal round of screech chiefs on Tuesday evening. The family minister was formerly the district mayor of Neukölln.

Planned be loud Tagesspiegel also that Giffey takes over the office of Governing Mayor, possibly before the end of the current legislative period. Party circles say: "This is not a team that everyone likes." It has long been speculated that Giffey could run for the post of mayor in the 2021 election as the top candidate.

Michael Müller has been the state chairman of the Berlin SPD since 2016. The next House of Representatives election will take place in autumn 2021. Franziska Giffey has been a minister since 2018. Previously, she was the district mayor of Neukölln.


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