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The Traxalt community grows at high speed


Referral program

It is well known that an altcoin (an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin) needs to have a large community of holders to become a more stable currency. There are currently more than 2,000 altcoins. Some of them have been successful while others have remained static for different reasons.

An altcoin that has been growing very fast is Traxalt. Traxalt is a digital asset and blockchain protocol based on the Stellar blockchain. Currently, it has a large community of headlines (885., 163 headlines so far) and continues to grow. This number can be verified at www.stellar.expert.com. Although Traxalt is not yet for public sale, it is preparing to be launched in several crypto exchange houses in the coming months of 2020. And its goal is to grow its headline community even more before going on sale. public

Traxalt is available for purchase in the bitfoliex digital wallet, where they carried out the beta test in 2019. The adoption of Traxalt has increased markedly since its launch in bitfoliex. The development of the new applications planned for this year (Traxalt Block Explorer and Traxal Platform) will be solutions that are being created for different business models.

In order to strengthen the community and share the blockchain experience, bitfoliex launched the Referral Program. As mentioned earlier, there are 885,163 holders today, which represents a 36% increase since the Referral Program was launched (16 days).

The focus of the Referral Program is to provide current bitfoliex users with a Traxalt reward for referring a new user through a personal code, which can be used several times. The reward will be completed after the new user opens their account in bitfoliex, enter the code and verify their account. It is at this point that the new user will also receive a Traxalt reward. It is basically an act of #ComparteLaExperiencia.

In a fast and immediate industry such as the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, innovation, creativity and rapid implementation are key factors that will reduce lost opportunities for any product or service. Everyone is welcome to try and experiment with Traxalt, who promises to be a technological revolution.

Everyone is welcome to #ComparteLaExperiencia! To open an account and start living the experience go to www.bitfoliex.com.

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