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Oryzon Genomics stops the tick at the start of the imposing bearish hollow


The falls of the last days occur just at the beginning of the important bearish gap that left us the title in the July 24 session at 3.47 euros.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

The titles of Oryzon Genomics they have been braked with maximum precision at the beginning of the imposing bearish hollow, resistance zone, of the session last July 25. Although undoubtedly the most important resistance is in the hole itself: 3.75 euros. And to close it, or what is the same to cancel it, the next control zone is found in the four euros, which is where the top part of the wide symmetrical triangle (decreasing maximums and increasing minimums) in which the price is found since its IPO. In the shortest term we have the support zone in the straight support that unites the growing minimums of the last months, now at 2.85 euros. And as resistance 3.47 euros and the bearish hollow. That said, experience has shown me on numerous occasions that bearish 'gaps' of this size hardly close on the first occasion they have. They are usually filled in whole or in part, but do not close. And after filling them a new corrective movement begins.

Daily chart of Oryzon Genomics since April 2017

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