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Justin Sun accused of intimidation by former BitTorrent employees


Justin Sun, co-founder of Tron, one of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market, is being sued by two former BitTorrent employees, a peer-to-peer file sharing software that Sun bought in 2018. Employees allege breach of labor standards and bullying. The process would have started last year, but only now the documents have been made public.

The lawsuit was filed by Lukasz Juraszek, 28, and Richard Hall, 50, and seeks damages for more than $ 15 million, which, if successful, must be paid by Rainberry Inc. (legal operating entity of the Foundation Tron), Justin Sun and his engineering chief, Cong Li.

The plaintiffs allege undue termination, racial discrimination, a hostile work environment, fraud and retaliation by complainants, harassment and unfair employment practices, including violations of the labor code and unfair commercial practices.

In the 70-page lawsuit, the authors claim that they suffered discrimination and also "harassment" for refusing to remain silent about their concerns about the legality of some of the company's operations, including alleged violations of copyright and child pornography.

“The type of worker that the defendant Justin Sun was looking for: an employee who was a Chinese mainland, would not oppose or 'shake the boat' when they saw real or potential illegal activity (…) and who worked from (…) 9:00 to 21 : 00 daily, six days a week, (…) without expressing concerns about illegal, immoral, immoral or unscrupulous business activities, ”affirms the action.

Hall says he suffered harassment and discrimination for refusing to get involved in what he considered "openly illegal, unethical and unscrupulous" operations. Juraszek, on the other hand, claims to have suffered similar ill-treatment for his objections to the company's activities and for refusing to perform certain allegedly fraudulent operations.

On December 12, Sun filed a response to the plaintiffs 'claims, denying "each and every one of the material charges" contained in the complaint and alleging that their actions as an employer were' non-discriminatory, non-harassing, non-retaliatory, reasonable ', justified, privileged, made in good faith and for legitimate and legal business purposes'.

The process is still being analyzed by the judiciary.

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