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Union calls for improvements from the SPD and is considering postponing | TIME ONLINE


In view of the coalition dispute over the basic pension, leading Union politicians recommend postponing the new pension model by half a year. If there is no other way, the introduction of the basic pension should better be postponed from January to July 2021, said the labor market and social policy spokesman for the Union Group, Peter Weiß, the Augsburg General,

"My concern is that we are embarrassing ourselves because with this starting date we are raising expectations among citizens that we cannot keep in the end," argued the CDU politician. He asked Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil and Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (both SPD) a conclusive concept for financing the basic pension: "We have not yet received this."

Do not pay from the pension insurance reserve

Heil's draft has since been put to the vote within the federal government – after the tops of CDU, CSU and SPD had agreed on key points in November. The pension supplement is intended to increase mini-pensions of low earners,
 if you have paid pension insurance long enough. The
Coalition had actually been on for 35 years
Minimum requirement informed. Now in the draft
proposed a sliding zone, starting at 33. So from that
 new supplement to be introduced in 2021, more senior citizens
benefit than originally planned.

According to media reports, some ministries are demanding improvements such as the number of years of contributions, the inclusion of income and assets and the planned automated data exchange from pension insurance and tax authorities. There are also fundamental doubts about the financing of the basic pension, which is to be paid entirely from tax funds, including the planned European tax
Stock purchases. However, federal finance minister comes across Scholz with his plans for resistance from his EU colleagues.

Group Vice White now called for clarity above all – and the question of whether the
Financial transaction tax can actually be introduced in time as promised by the SPD. "In any case, it must not
that the basic pension comes from contributions, such as from the reserve of the
Pension insurance is paid, "said the CDU politician Augsburg General,

Kramp-Karrenbauer and Brinkhaus call for improvements

The CDU leadership also called for corrections to Heil's draft law. Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus criticized in the Picture on Sunday among other things, that the consideration of the capital income has so far "not been solved satisfactorily". The automatic procedures for checking income are also not yet in place. CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, in turn, called for new solutions if the establishment of electronic systems for processing the applications did not succeed quickly enough: "During the negotiations, we were promised by the SPD that a way could be found," she said Augsburg General, "If this path becomes much more complicated and can only be implemented later, Federal Minister of Labor Heil and Federal Minister of Finance Scholz will have to consider how to find a sensible, if necessary, analogous path."

As the newspaper reports citing Union circles, both ministers want to present new proposals this Monday as part of the departmental vote. In conversation with the newspaper, the CDU chairwoman emphasized that her party also wanted the basic pension. However, the project is "a darn difficult topic – because the basic pension is located at the interface of the pension system and basic security".

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