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The Taliban confirm the demolition of a US military plane in Afghanistan


An American plane crashed this Monday east of Afghanistan, shot down by the Taliban, who have already claimed the attack. The Chief of Staff of the Air Forces, General Dave Goldfein, has confirmed that it is an E-11 military aircraft manufactured by the Canadian Bombardier, although he has not confirmed that it has been shot down.

"We do not know the status of the crew ", Goldfein added. "We must ensure that we have the correct data and as soon as we have these facts, I promise that we will send them to you," he added, unable to confirm for now what has happened.

From the canal Ariana News it is noted that 83 people were traveling aboard the aircraft. According to local news, the accident area is under Taliban control, so Afghan special forces have been sent to explore the site.

The Taliban group spokesman, Zabiullah MujahidHe has ensured that all passengers, including high-ranking CIA officers, have been killed.


At first it was thought that it was a commercial airplane of the Ariana airline. In statements to Reuters, the CEO of the company, Mirwais Mirzakwal, has denied that one of its planes has crashed. "The flights belonging to Ariana traveled from Herat to Kabul and from Herat to Delhi and both have landed without problems," he said.

The aircraft of this company have been manufactured by Boeing. Before knowing that it was an attack on a plane Bombardier, American aeronautics has come down strongly on Wall Street in fear of another accident following the crisis of the 737 Max. At the end of the day, the titles have fallen by 2%, also weighed down by the bad behavior of Wall Street.


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