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Santander, BBVA and CaixaBank already charge for the debit card: How to get rid of paying?


The era of zero commissions has come to an end and debit cards have not been spared the search for higher income from banks. Precisely, three of the largest entities in our country already charge their customers for owning this means of payment, the most common behind cash, a amount that ranges between 20 and 40 euros a year. But there are ways to get rid of paying.

One of the main conditions is to strictly follow the requirements imposed on the associated bank account to the card in question. These usually include direct debit of receipts, link revenues, operate from the entity's digital channels or perform a series of movements with the card.

"In the event that our account does not have the possibility of eliminating this commission, we have two options: change the type of account in the same entity, or say goodbye to our bank, "they point out from the financial comparator HelpMyCash.

Those who prefer to stay in it, can choose renegotiate the contract conditions. Whenever you have a good profile, the entity will be interested in keeping the customer, highlighting the strengths the bank is likely to access. However, it is possible that this does not happen and that the entity do not provide alternatives To stop paying costs. "In that case, we must weigh the idea of ​​ending the relationship with our lifelong entity," they add.

Here, they advise move to a more digital that, as determined in their rate books, there are no fees for issuing and maintaining your debit cards. In addition, online accounts do not usually charge costs for basic operations, they have advantages such as profitability, gifts or discounts and are usually more transparent, which means that the change can also benefit the customer in other aspects.


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