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Money takes refuge in bitcoin, which already thinks of the 10,000 dollars


The feelings are again positive for the king of cryptocurrencies as can be deduced from the behavior of this underlying in recent months.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

What has become clear if there is still any doubt is that bitcoin works great as a value / asset refuge. We already saw it during the clashes between the United States and Iran at the beginning of the year and now. It seems that when they come badly given to the bags, bitcoin celebrates it (as gold usually does). What we do not know is whether we will first attend the typical 'throw back' movement towards the upper part of the canal, now support and before resistance, or else it will do it little by little from here. The case is that from the point of view of the technical analysis the rise of the bearish channel is clear, with the confirmation by the volume (which is always appreciated). And the theory says, although there is nothing infallible in the markets, it should go up (at least) what is the width of it. And this would take you to the area of ​​approx. $ 11,500 The increases can be even greater, although in my opinion the important thing now is not so much how much more you can raise as the fact that the end of the corrective phase seems an obvious fact. In any case, there are two key resistances in this underlying: the 14,000 and the 20,000 dollars. Everything else that can be found along the way is intermediate resistances.

Daily evolution of the future of bitcoin in the last year

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