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German government is considering flying out of China | TIME ONLINE


Because of the in China spreading corona virus
more and more countries want their citizens from the particular
bring back affected regions. The British government said: "We
are working on an opportunity for British nationals, Hubei province
to leave. "Also Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries
examined ways to fly out nationals. Other countries like Japan,
France and the USA have already launched such return campaigns.

The Federal Government is also considering Germans willing to leave the country
to fly out of China. According to the Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) become one
possible evacuation considered. Again mirror reported to the Air Force on Wednesday or Thursday
fly to China and fly out around 90 German citizens,
who had registered with the Federal Foreign Office. However, the Chinese exists
Government the mirror according to
that in the return campaigns civilian aircraft and no military aircraft for
Use to avoid panic.

According to a spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office live in
central Chinese Wuhan, the starting point of the epidemic, about 90 Germans.
So far there is no evidence that any of them are familiar with the new one virus
infected. So far, there have been no imported ones in Germany itself
Cases of the virus have been detected. However, some are currently
Suspected cases, for example in Hesse, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia, were checked. In the
Frankfurt university clinic was examined several people, said a spokeswoman
the clinic on Monday. "None of these patients has been able to use the new one
Coronavirus can be detected, "she said.

Additional security measures at airports

To protect against the virus, some states have
additional security measures taken. Like Hesse's Minister of Social Affairs Kai Klose
(Green) said that people traveling to China at Frankfurt Airport would
as well as travelers from the affected regions receive information sheets. Also on the
Berlin and Brandenburg airports will provide travelers with posters about the right thing
Behavior in case of symptoms of illness informed. If there is a suspicion during a
Affected persons would be isolated and closed immediately on the flight or at the airport
transported to a hospital.

Pandemic and handling plans provided clarity, which in the event of the
Airports and clinics have to be done, said health minister Jens Spahn
(CDU). "Basically we are vigilant, we take things very seriously, we
are also well prepared, "said Spahn.

Almost 2800 corona cases confirmed worldwide

Chinese state television, meanwhile, citing government officials,
that the number of confirmed infections compared to the previous day was more than 700
to 2,744, the number of deaths rose by 24 to 80 – mostly still
older people with severe previous illnesses. So the number of
known illnesses since last Monday when around 220 cases were confirmed
were more than tenfold. With around 50 cases outside of China
almost 2,800 cases have now been confirmed worldwide. So far in Europe three
Infections with the novel virus
proven, all three concerned people
in France that were previously in China.

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) met on Monday in
Beijing to personally find out about the situation. Tedros
Adhanom Ghebreyesus will meet government officials and other experts who
are concerned with crisis management, it said from the WHO office in Beijing.

Coronavirus – Federal government examines the return of Germans from Wuhan
Foreign Minister Maas has asked German citizens to follow the security instructions issued by the Federal Foreign Office. Travelers should avoid unnecessary trips to China.
© Photo: Reuters TV

Foreign Ministry advises against traveling to China

Foreign Minister Maas advised against traveling to China. "Travelers should
consider postponing or refraining from non-mandatory trips to China, "
he said. Also the United States and Canada advise their citizens not to travel to China. Already planned
Travel should be checked again. For the
The U.S. Department specifically warned Hubei Province and Wuhan City
any travel.

There were five confirmed infections in the U.S. by Monday, Canada reported
a first "provisionally confirmed" case. There are also dozens of records in
Countries like Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. To the
Cambodia is also one of the newly affected countries.

The new virus is believed to originate from a market in Wuhan, where it is
probably jumped from there traded wild animals to humans. China has in
Fight against further spread drastic measures taken: In the
Hubei Province has over 45 million people largely from the
Isolates the outside world.
Long-distance and local traffic have been stopped.

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