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China reveals that it is working on blockchain projects with the United Kingdom.


China has said it sees an innovation-driven development opportunity to open a new chapter in a number of technology areas, including blockchain, said Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming in the United Kingdom during a dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year in London , according to the official website of the embassy.

“There has been constant progress in the implementation of the joint China-United Kingdom strategy for cooperation in science, knowledge and innovation. We are working to unite these strategies and carry out joint projects in innovation, with new highlights in artificial intelligence, blockchain, telecommunications and biomedicine, ”said Xiaoming.

The dinner was jointly organized by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom, the 48 Group Club and the China-Great Britain Trade Council that developed Chinese-British relations. Xiaoming also spoke about the new cooperation between Chinese and British companies and the development of a new economy and Chinese-British trade relations to achieve new leaps in financial cooperation with reference to the "Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)".

"BRI had an active participation of all sectors in the United Kingdom," says Liu. "We hope to take advantage of this platform to combine the best of Chinese engineering and construction with the best British experience in project design, legal, technical and financial services, to obtain more results," he concluded.

Recently, in the technology sector, the financial ant from Alibaba bought the largest cross-border online payment company United Kingdom, the first world; Huawei established its 5G Birmingham Training Center; OPPO established its international design center in London; Y Tencent Y Bytedance they bought shares in some or acquired artificial intelligence companies in the United Kingdom.

The secretary of economic treasury of Great Britain, John Glen, said that his country and China are "natural partners" and that both sides have broad prospects for cooperation in financial services and the "BRI".

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