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Bitcoin very bullish increasing 4.2% in the last 24 hours. Can you overcome the resistance of $ 9,100?


Bitcoin is currently trying to exceed $ 9,000 again after the small correction up to 38% fibonacci where it was two days ago. Without a doubt there is a strong resistance over the $ 9,100 – $ 9,150. Just the maximum I look for last week.

Overcoming this resistance would imply a new Bitcoin trip above $ 9,500. A consolidation above these levels is very likely to occur if the price breaks those highs.

In the graph it can be seen how Bitcoin entered a very fast technical correction up to 38% Fibonacci, a key bounce level that if lost would imply the entry to a prolonged bearish trend for the short and medium term. Luckily this scenario did not happen and now we seek again to overcome levels of significant resistance that bring it above $ 10,000 again.

Entering these moments could be risky because the RSI is already marking on purchase, a small correction is close, all this before seeking to exceed $ 9,130 ​​again.

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