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About 23 million XRP were moved in four cryptocurrency exchanges


XRPL Monitor recently reported that almost 23 million XRP were moved in the last hours of anonymous wallets, half of which went to the Binance exchange.

The Twitter profile XPRL Monitor, which tracks large XRP transactions, has detected four consecutive XRP transfers, from 5 million to 8 million XRP each. Three of them were initiated by anonymous senders, according to Twitter posts.

However, the Bithomp analytical site shows that those wallets were configured by specific cryptocurrency exchanges.

The transactions took place in 4 major cryptocurrency exchanges

Almost 23 million XRP have been transferred in total in the four transactions mentioned above. Most senders and receivers are marked as anonymous wallets. However, additional data from the Bithomp website in each of the transactions provide the names of the senders and receivers.

The first transaction was made between two cryptocurrency wallets configured by the Bithumb exchange.

In the second, the funds moved from a wallet established by Upbit to one opened by Bittrex.

The third transaction was made between Binance wallets.

In the fourth, XRP also moved from Bitstamp to Binance. The amount of XRP transferred totals almost $ 4.8 million.

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