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Respond at all costs, act and show strength: this impression gives China Governance currently. If anyone can defeat a virus, the message is internally and externally, it is the central government in Beijing. All levels of party and government would have to fight the corona virus
give top priority, President Xi Jinping is quoted as saying. Every cough, every sneeze now seems to be under observation. The measures in the country are unprecedented.

More than a dozen cities are currently sealed off from the outside world. More than 40 million people are quarantined, so to speak. Bus and train traffic in many cities and provinces is largely paralyzed, train stations and airports are isolated. Cars are stopped by the police at roadblocks. Across the country, the outbreak of the coronavirus Consequences: major events,
Concerts and sporting events like China's national winter games
have been canceled or postponed. Amusement parks remain
closed, of all times in which millions of people
wanted to celebrate new year

Public life is suppressed wherever possible. In the most populous province of Guangdong in
In the south of the country, residents must now wear face masks. This is also the case in Jiangxi when they are out on the streets, in shopping centers, parks, restaurants and in general in public. This affects far more than 100 million people.

Even stricter precautions apply in Wuhan, the metropolis from which the virus probably jumped from animal to human first. Doctors and nurses and clinic staff are on the verge of exhaustion and work in a state of emergency. To
unconfirmed reports are said to have already rejected patients because it was not
gave enough staff and beds. Hundreds of workers are also building two new ones
Hospitals. Around 2,300 additional beds are expected to be ready soon. The first emergency clinic is due to start work in a week.

A metropolis is going down

Authorities have so far sent from many parts of the country
1,700 doctors and nurses in the city in Hubei Province, 14,000
Protective suits are ready. Public life in Wuhan continues to shut down: Since
On Sunday, car traffic in the large city districts is also closed. If you could still leave, you should check with the
 Report authorities and be isolated for two weeks to rule out infection.

Where did the new corona virus come from?

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV first appeared in December 2019 on a fish and wildlife market in central China's Wuhan.

It is an invisible and unpredictable opponent that China and the world are dealing with. A virus, the potential danger of which has still not been clearly clarified
it, with the constant ability to change, more dangerous or too
 to become harmless. It has now been carried around the world from a fish and wildlife market, with confirmed cases in around twelve countries in Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. A suspected case in Berlin was not confirmed on Sunday.

The number of cases will continue to increase, mostly they are already out of date if they run over the news ticker. Currently, there are 2,051 confirmed infections and 56 deaths. However, Wuhan's mayor is already expecting around 1,000 more people to be infected in his city.

Fever, cough and inflamed airways

The coronavirus, which researchers call 2019-nCoV, probably triggers very severe symptoms in a quarter of all sufferers. Probably the
most patients get fever, cough and have
Inflammation of the respiratory tract and lungs (The Lancet, Huang et al., 2020). So far, however, only a few cases have been investigated in detail. That's why
unclear how deadly the virus is: from forty-one
observed and documented patients died six, so
about fifteen percent. However, this could also be a much too high value because a large number of those infected do not develop any symptoms (The Lancet: Wang et al., 2020). Perhaps this is why the mortality rate is less than five percent, the scientists write. This cannot be said exactly, since no one knows how many people are infected. The documented deaths also include people who have had severe previous illnesses before they also contracted the coronavirus. So they were already significantly weakened.

According to the latest preliminary calculations, whoever carries the virus infects about 2.6 other people on average. However, there are infected people who do not infect anyone and others who can infect several people (Ferguson et al., 2020). In some cases, the corona virus could be as contagious as a virus flu. The incubation period of the virus can
probably between about a few days to more than a week
be. So far, there are mainly rough assessments, no certainties.

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