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The Hypocritical Coaching Discussion TIME ONLINE


During the last game of the main round
in Vienna, at the insignificant 26:22 against the Czech Republic, had national coaches
Christian Prokop adopted an attitude that you can get in two and a half years
Had rarely seen tenure from him. The national coach stood in front of his bank and
buried his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants for a few seconds.
Prokop, normally in the game under high current, up and down the sideline
marching off, actually made a relaxed impression. It was closed to him

The 41-year-old has Course of
European Handball Championship
, which ended up in fifth place for Germany, again
have to listen to a lot. After the narrow 25:26 loss to Croatia, the
destroyed all chances of the big goal semifinals, it was even about the
basic question: whether Prokop is still the right one for the national team
is? Was he ever?

But the end of the tournament showed: Not
the trainer has to explain himself, but to those who set the goals.

But one thing at a time: the right speed
the coaching debate at Prokop's third tournament as national coach on
DHB Vice President Bob Hanning asked after the Croatian game: "Against
Austria will show: What does this team do with their coach? "Later
media professional Hanning wanted to get himself misunderstood and quoted, but to be
Sentence also fell into several recording devices. His sentences are so random
chosen like his flashy tops, he knows exactly what he's saying. At the trainer
it was not well received: "I thought the topic was unnecessarily big, for me it was
incomprehensible, "said Prokop," that this debate is open to me
very irritated. "There it was again, the coaching discussion.

Prokop can feel like a winner

But now, after the conciliatory conclusion
In this EM, Prokop can feel one of the winners: his players
stood behind him demonstratively and at every opportunity, differently than before
at the messed up European Championship 2018, Prokop's first tournament. There it was
obvious dissonances between coach and team. "Back then it was said
that he doesn't trust us and make decisions over our heads,
that was criticized, "says Hendrik Pekeler, once one of Prokops himself
harshest critics. "Today he does exactly what we wanted: he binds us
in the decision-making process – and that's wrong now. "Goalkeeper
Johannes Bitter, one of the best goalkeepers at this European Championship, agreed: "We
find the debate rather ridiculous. "

Some Bundesliga coaches also hired
behind Prokop. This draws attention to the officials of German
Handball Federation, especially on Hanning. The accusation is: you have them
Expectations raised unnecessarily before the tournament, although Prokop alone in the
Back room had to do without seven players that he would have liked to take with him.
As if Joachim Löw without Toni Kroos, Ilkay Güdogan and Joshua Kimmich im
Contest the upcoming European Championship in summer – and still want to reach the final.

"The question of whether the claims at all
were justified or caused unnecessary pressure must be allowed
be, "says former international player and DHB record goal scorer Christian Schwarzer.
"In retrospect it is easy to stand up and say: We have so many
Failures. That has to happen first! "Adds Schwarzer. Prokop
stated that he had adhered to the possibly excessive target, "because
I believe in my team. "If the team had been complete, the semifinals
should have been achieved, says Schwarzer. "But as?"

Hanning had the national coach for 2018
committed a record transfer fee of 500,000 euros and even before the EM
Jürgen Klopp compared. "Of course, he doesn't have everything right away
works, "said Hanning. But Klopp also has the necessary at Liverpool FC
Get time. "And lo and behold: in the meantime it works – and how!" The shortage
However, the line of the interview that got stuck and was distributed was: Hanning
compares Prokop with Klopp! Klopp became world trainer of the
Year, won the Champions League and is currently on the way with Liverpool
to win the title in the best league in the world impressively clearly. The
so is the yardstick for the German national coach. He has a favor
DHB vice did not do the national coach with these and similar sentences.

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