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Söder shares AfD's responsibility for anti-Semitism | TIME ONLINE


According to
of the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU chief Markus Söder the AfD promotes growing anti-Semitism in Germany. The party played "a very central role," said Söder in the
ARD program Report from Berlin. In particular, like the right wing of the AfD, try this piece by piece
hopeful to see it clearly as a precursor to anti-Semitism.

Söder said that, according to his impression, hostility to Jews had increased in Germany, as had corresponding crimes. The anti-Semitism officer of the
Federal government, Felix Klein, confirm: 2018 is the number of anti-Semitic
Crimes increased by almost 20 percent compared to the previous year. This trend
should have continued in 2019.

Jews would dare to live their faith openly, Söder said.
"And this is not just a warning or a wake-up call, it has to be an occasion
be to change something. "On the one hand, Jewish institutions would have to
better protection, on the other hand, with all public prosecutors
Anti-Semitism Officers "who immediately recognize how a
Criminal offense is also motivated, and the appropriate persecution will be made, "claimed

Prime Minister is also in favor of forcing operators of internet platforms
disclose the IP addresses of the authors of hate comments. "That causes
definitely a big deterrent, "he said." Because one of the
Difficulty that we have on the net is that there are people with evil
Thoughts are made easier, these evil thoughts also become evil words

Foreign Minister Heiko already had because of everyday anti-Semitism in this country
Maas (SPD) warned that Jews are leaving Germany. That
Jewish people no longer feel at home in this country is "one
the only nightmare – and a shame, 75 years after the liberation from Auschwitz ".
Federal President too Frank-Walter Steinmeier had with his Speech on
Holocaust remembrance
at the Israeli memorial Jad Vashem, where he was called
first German head of state spoke before the growing anti-Semitism in
Germany warned: "Our time is not the same time. It is
not the same words. They are not the same perpetrators. But it's the same evil. "

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