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Shanghai reports first death | TIME ONLINE


China Financial metropolis Shanghai has reported a first death from the novel corona virus. The body was said to be an 88-year-old man who was already suffering from existing health problems. So far, a total of 40 cases of respiratory illness have been confirmed in the metropolis.

Meanwhile, the virus is spreading outside of China: On Saturday, Canada confirmed the first suspected case of the disease in Toronto. The presumably infected man had just returned from the central Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, where the virus first broke out, said the head of the Toronto health authority.

China has taken drastic measures to combat the novel virus, which has already killed at least 54 people. In Wuhan and more than a dozen other cities, more than 40 million people have been effectively quarantined since Thursday by suspending public transport. According to official information, around 2,000 people are infected with the virus.

In Hong Kong, the two largest amusement parks, Disneyland and Ocean Park, closed due to the virus. In the upcoming holiday week for the Chinese New Year, the parks had actually expected a rush of visitors.

According to studies, everyone infected with the virus infects two to three other people. Whether the contagion rate will stay that way depends on the effectiveness of the countermeasures, scientists from Imperial College in London and the University of Lancaster said. To contain the disease, at least 60 percent of new infections would have to be prevented in the future.

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