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Probably would have
some members of the US Senate prefer to spend the weekend with their family
spent, but impeachment against President Donald Trump takes
no consideration for that. And so the Senate Chamber was filled as the lawyer
of the White House Pat Cipollone on Saturday morning Washington time
Lectern stepped. After the Democrats spread over three days over 21
Spent hours indicting Trump came the defenders of the
President to speak

Cipollone wanted that
jurors committed to attendance right at the beginning of his plea
to pull his side and give the Democrats a swipe. "I will
be respectful of your time, "said the White House lawyer.
"You'll be out of here by 1pm at the latest." In fact, Cipollone lasted
and his defense team surprisingly short, despite the seriousness of the allegations
against her client. Right at the beginning, the lawyer said that he was sure of victory:
find that the President has done nothing wrong. "

The demonstrative
Serenity of the defense team seems paradoxical at first. Because the Democrats
have in their months of painstaking investigations into the House of Representatives
sound evidence of Donald Trump's misconduct in the Ukraine affair
collected. To refute that would be one even for experienced lawyer teams
difficult task.

But Cipollone has to
Do not disprove the Democrats' claims. Because of the Republican
Majority in the Senate, it is almost impossible that Donald Trump will actually
is removed from office. So the lawyers didn't even have to worry about it
make a video recording public before defending it,
who can be heard as Trump allegedly dismissed Marie Yovanovitch
, The expulsion of the then US ambassador to the Ukraine is
Part of the allegations against the US President. Trump is said to have released her
because they have Ukraine's possible corruption investigation against Joe Biden and
is said to have stood in the way of his son Hunter.

But even such
Spectacular revelations are unlikely to change the fact that Trump's popularity ratings and approval ratings for impeachment have been removed since
Months constant. Voters have their opinions on impeachment
apparently formed finally, the camp stable.

Rhetorical questions

Really convince
So Cipollone doesn't really need anyone. Therefore, the defenders limited
largely on accusing the Democrats in their presentation
Ignored issues that relieve the President. So they showed
for example video clips from Gordon Sondland’s hearing in November. The diplomat
is considered one of the middlemen between the White House and the Ukrainian
Government. In the video excerpts shown, he said several times clearly that
Trump has never personally informed him that the payout of
Military aid to Ukraine is bound to investigation. Again and again
the defense lawyers asked rhetorically why the Democrats made all those statements
allegedly ignore that relieve Trump.

The answer should be
Of course, know Cipollone and his colleagues himself. The accusers are
not obliged to provide exonerating evidence or testimony
to carry forward.

For further strategy
Trump's defender belonged to doubts about the Democrats' accounts
to sow. Attorney Mike Purpura said the Ukrainian government had up to
August did not even know that the payment of 391 million
$ Military aid to Ukraine has been frozen. An attempted
Barter is excluded if one party knows nothing about it. This
However, the representation contradicts the Pentagon employee's statement
Laura Cooper, according to which the Ukrainian government announced in July
Payment stop was informed. The Ukrainian diplomat Olena Zerkal has
Cooper's statements confirmed.


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