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Riots at "Indymedia" demo | TIME ONLINE


More than 1,600 people have in Leipzig against the ban on the left online blog linksunten.Indymedia.org demonstrated. After the demonstrators initially protested peacefully in front of the Federal Administrative Court, there were several riots in the further course. Six police officers were injured, the authorities said. The organizers dissolved the demonstration prematurely.

The riots began on the way from the Federal Administrative Court to the alternative left-wing district of Connewitz. Masked participants repeatedly lit firecrackers and bengalos or tore paving stones from the ground. According to police, the attacks on the
Officials. In addition, some demonstrators have windows of several cars
taken. A person was detained, the police said.

Organizers ended the demonstration, then later intervened
new protest train on the move, which finally moved to Herderpark and
dissolved there. The police were at a large contingent in the

Negotiation on Wednesday

Several left had to the demonstration
Action alliances called. The platform linksunten.Indymedia.org was banned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in 2017. The portal is the "most influential internet forum for violent people
Left-wing extremists in Germany, "it was said at the time as a justification the bottom left before, calls to
Violence against the police and instructions for building incendiary devices are not
removed, although the site is moderated. That would be violence
 "to enforce left-wing extremist goals" legitimized and that
 state monopoly on violence denied. At the
Wednesday is before the Federal Administrative Court over a lawsuit against that
 Internet platform ban negotiated.

Critics see the ban as a violation of freedom of the press. "To stand up against criminal content linksunten.indymedia proceed
there would have been less restrictive means. That the federal government
 a journalistic online portal through the back door of the
Completely prohibits association law and thus a legal consideration with
violating the fundamental right to freedom of the press is extreme under the rule of law
questionable, "said the managing director of Reporter Without Borders, Christian Mihr.

The online blog linksunten.indymedia is a splinter group of the worldwide Indymedia-Network. Indymedia stands for Independent media center
and is an international network of media activists and hackers
Journalists. Their common goal: on a non-profit basis regardless of
big publishers and broadcasters to report and so a counter-public
 to accomplish. On the alternative media platform Indymedia.org, which is still allowed, citizens can publish articles themselves. It became one of the most important media of the anti-globalization movement in the early 2000s.

Because everyone and everyone Indymedia Posting articles online and this is also possible anonymously, it happens again and again that extremists publish criminal content on the blog.

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