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Donald Trump Attacks Prosecutors' Opening Statement | TIME ONLINE


US President Donald Trump has accused the prosecutors of impeaching him of artificially protracting her opening speech. The Democrats just kept repeating
and again and again the "same old stuff",
 Trump wrote on the short message service Twitter. The Democratic Prosecution Team
want to use up all the time for the pleadings. So be his
own defenders forced on Saturday – the "Valley of Death in
Television "- to start with their presentation
Impeachment proceedings against Trump in the Senate will be broadcast live on television in the United States
transfer. Fewer Americans turn on their TV on Saturday.

In the final opening speech, the prosecution team accused the President of covering up and obstructing Congress from. "President Trump tried to cheat. He was caught. And then he worked hard to cover it up," said Democratic MP Hakeem Jeffries.

Trump withheld military aid approved by the U.S. Congress and urged Ukranian President Volodymyr Slenskyi to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden. Trump only released the money after the alleged attempted bribery became known. He later tried to hinder Congress's investigation into the Ukraine affair.

Democrats repeat calls to admit new documents and witnesses

Republican Senator Rick Scott complained that they had three days
heard the same things in a row. He wondered how often that
Democrats still wanted to repeat the previous testimony. The
 Democrats oppose that
Republicans complained on the one hand about the lack of new information, but at the same time blocked the request for new documents and the subpoena
new witnesses in the Senate.

Adam Schiff, head of the prosecution team and chairman of the Secret Service Committee at
House of Representatives demanded that the Republicans should no longer defend themselves against new documents and witnesses. "This is not a process to get a parking ticket for
fast driving or shoplifting, "said the Democrat. It was a possible one
Impeachment of the US President. The allegations are serious and
Witnesses are extremely important.

On Thursday the prosecutors had until late evening
outlined how Trump used his powers to stand up to the election
 to provide personal benefits this year. The House of Representatives dominated by the Democrats accuses the President of abuse of power and disability
of the congress. Both are charges in impeachment proceedings.

Donald Trump – "Impeachment … why?"
The impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump begin in the US Senate. In our video, Rieke Havertz explains what he is accused of and how the process continues.

As of Saturday, Trump's defenders are opening their speeches
Line. "We will provide a rigorous defense of the facts, and
disprove what you said, "said lawyer Jay Sekulow
the team of lawyers will refer to the constitution. The defense argues that only a criminal offense justifies impeachment. Abuse of power would not constitute a criminal offense under US criminal law and was therefore not sufficient.

After the pleadings from both sides, the senators in the coming
Week the opportunity to ask questions in writing. First
the Senate should then decide whether there are witnesses
be summoned or not.

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