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Two people in France infected with coronavirus TIME ONLINE


For the first time, infections with the novel corona virus originating from China are in
Europe became known. In France would have two suspected cases
confirmed, said
French Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn with. One of both
Accordingly, patient is in
one hospital in Bordeaux, the other in Paris.

Another person has also contracted an infection in the United States. A Chicago woman was taken to hospital, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The woman had contacted her doctor a few days after returning from a trip to China because she felt sick.

China is sealing off other cities

The Chinese government isolated other cities to prevent the virus from spreading further. After the authorities sealed off the cities of Wuhan, Huanggang, Xiantao and Ezhou and the small town of Chibi on Thursday, public transport in the cities of Xianning, Xiaogan, Enshi and Zhiijiang has now been suspended. In total, 13 Chinese cities are now in quarantine, affecting more than 41 million people.

The new virus with the name 2019-nCoV was first seen in December 2019 on a now closed fish and
Poultry market discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The corona virus triggers a respiratory disease that
can lead to pneumonia.

The virus spread quickly at the beginning of the year. According to Chinese health experts, around 900 people in China are infected, and several thousand suspected cases are being investigated. According to calculations by experts from Imperial College London, the number of infections is as high as 4,000 people. At least 26 people died as a result of the infection.

Other cases have been reported in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.
 There are also suspected cases in Australia and the Philippines. In all cases, the victims had previously been to Wuhan.

According to new knowledge, the virus can also spread from person to person
become. What is the probability of such a transmission
is currently under investigation.

Spahn urges prudence

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) warned to behave prudently. "We take this very seriously, we are vigilant,
 but with a cool head at the same time, "said the CDU politician in the ARDTagesthemen, You stand in everyday
Exchange with experts. "I also think it's important that we do that
overall arrange so that we then approach it with the necessary calm

The Federal Foreign Office urges all travelers to China
Start reading the safety information of the Ministry of Health carefully.
Among other things, it is recommended to postpone trips to the areas affected by the coronavirus if possible.

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