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The Ibex subscribes to the green and takes a run at the weekly close


European parks point to a strong start to the last trading day of the week, with increases in all indexes and the Ibex dawns with a boom of 0.65% and all values ​​in green. Investors continue to measure the potential Wuhan virus impact that already leaves 25 dead and more than 800 affected in China and that it has spread to the rest of the region with some cases in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam, but experts say there is no reason to panic, as it is too early to venture what its evolution will be. On the other hand, analysts also indicate that lThe bags of the Old Continent will try to overcome the cautious message of the European Central Bank (ECB).

"The fact that WHO has not designated the international emergency because of the coronavirus, fear has been reduced by a few steps, ”say the experts from the London Capital Group. "The panic is premature since the evolutionary impact of the coronavirus remains to be seen", point out from Mizuho. The improvement of feeling has been noticed in Asian parks that have slowed down Thursday's fall and have mostly finished flat. The Chinese and South Korean parquets are closed due to the start of the Lunar New Year festivities, even though the celebrations have been suspended by the respiratory virus.

The national selective shows that there is an option for recovery with securities such as Arcelormittal (2.41%), IAG (+ 1.87%) and the banking sector that rises between 1% and 1.5%. "Little by little and without making much noise, the Ibex has dangerously approached the support of 9,460 points, the base of the side by which the price has been moving for more than a month. What leaves the door to that, from there, start bouncing as has happened in the past, "argues José María Rodriguez, an analyst at Bolsamanía.

In the European exchanges, in addition, it will still weigh the hangover of the ECB meeting and the subsequent appearance of its president, Christine Lagarde. The Ibex starred in a bearish close this Thursday after the words of the central banker were interpreted as that the rates will rise when growth does and not as part of the revision of the central bank's strategy “if it is reached conclusion that the low rate policy does not work and its negative effects outshine the positive ones. ” Therefore, while the updating of the master lines the central bank is carried out, until December of this year in all probability, the rates will remain at the current levels and it is unlikely that the future orientation of the markets will not change either.

On the other hand, investors focus their attention this Friday in the PMIs battery publication, especially of Eurozone and German manufactures, which have greater potential to continue ballasting the euro, if they are negative, after the single currency touched at least 2020 on Thursday in the vicinity of the $ 1,1030 support.

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