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The big questions of love: Can it separate gently?


The question: Fabian and Henriette have been together for a few years, they have two children, the younger has just turned three. Henriette has been dissatisfied in the relationship for some time, for years she has had no desire to have sex with Fabian. Then Henriette falls in love with a colleague at work and begins a secret affair. She wants to separate from Fabian, has also indicated this to him, but has kept the affair secret – for fear that a gentle separation, which she wants in the interest of the children, would then no longer be possible. Their greatest concern is the children. Now Fabian and Henriette have started couple therapy. Fabian wants to fight for the relationship. Henriette, on the other hand, hopes that the result of the therapy will be a gentle separation. Can that work if she's not sincere?


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