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What is a shisha bar? Stupid question. A bar where you smoke shisha. Somehow this is not a satisfactory answer. Especially if you live in a German city and feel like you are opening a new shisha bar, a new shisha café or a new shisha lounge at every corner. You just don't have to be careful for a second, and zack, there's one again.

And when you ask the Internet how you do it as an unsuspecting person, look around on Facebook or Instagram, you first find out that even Mario Basler has a shisha bar in Eisenberg in the Palatinate (God knows what that may mean ). Second, that shisha bars are places where so-called young people like to hang out, meet and apparently also celebrate.

And even if you are not that old personally, you still have not understood anything. So it probably only helps to sit down in a shisha bar.

So over – actually just a few streets further – into the bar La Vie, which technically can be described as a shisha cocktail bar. It is located in the largely gentrified district of Hamburg, Ottensen. Inside: wide lounge armchairs, long bar with upholstered edge, illuminated purple from below. In the cupboard behind there are spirits of the better and better sounding variety (Moët at the top of the shelf). Fireplaces patter on large flat screens. LED flames flicker in the chandeliers. Yes, at first glance everything looks a little bit thick. But maybe you're just a snob yourself.

A waiter comes, greets friendly and asks: "How many people?" In this shisha bar, as in every decent restaurant: Wait to be seated,

It is not smoky, the ventilation seems to be working perfectly. Rap and pop, Ariana Grande, Drake, Apache 207 run over the boxes. The later in the day, the younger the audience. About as many men as women sit around smoking, talking, drinking. With a few exceptions, it dominates the Kylie-Jenner-Toni-Kroos universal style: heavily made-up lips, sharply drawn parting, high-waist pants and free bonds. The white sneakers shine brightly. Great when people dress properly.

So what are they all doing here?

Yesim and Florentina, for example, both 19 years old, both strikingly styled and yet quiet and polite. One smokes watermelon, the other ice candy, which should taste like the light blue candy. Why do they hang out in a shisha bar? "Just chill. And talk."

Lisa, 21, looks terribly nice and is here with the much nicer looking 28 year old Timm (just a friend!). "This shisha bar is not that nice," she says, "they do it very well here." With "asi" she means: bad service, bad tobacco and people who dress and behave significantly worse.

Hanna, 26, a student teacher, pushes her red pony out of her face and can at least explain why she always liked to be in the hookah bar with her friends at 15: "There were only men in these old oriental shops. We thought it was cool and provocative to go there. "

But most of them want to talk about everything, just not about where you are and the thing you regularly talk to. And if you insist on it, the only thing you can experience with certainty is that you look like a real fool. Especially if you disturb a 19th birthday with stupid questions in the evening, while the mood at La Vie is at its peak.

For the dialogue shown here as an example, please consider the looks of a 19 year old woman in a leopard top:

Hello, why are you celebrating in a shisha bar?

"We're celebrating a birthday."

Sure, but why in a shisha bar?

"Yes, why shisha bar. You do it like that."

Do you go to a shisha bar regularly?

"Most. I've never been to one."

Aha. And how do you like it in the shisha bar?

"Not as bad as I had imagined."

How did you imagine it?


But is it?

"Yes will work."


"Do you have any more questions?"


"Okay good."

It is actually also clear: youth culture cannot be developed through questions, you experience them and understand them. Whoever has to ask is not automatically included. Youth culture definition ex negative.

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