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EPP Group leader uses EU official car in campaign | TIME ONLINE


The group leader of the European People's Party in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, drives with his Company car also on CSU dates. After researching the mirror the BMW with the Belgian diplomatic license plate CD-AS-259 is stationed in Bavaria and is regularly used by Weber for trips to CSU events, for example in the current local election campaign. Inquiries among the political groups in the European Parliament showed that Weber is the only political group leader to whom this special rule applies.

The documents on which the decision of the parliamentary administration is based are classified as confidential and are in accordance with it mirror in front. Accordingly, the then EU Parliament President Martin Schulz (SPD) even wanted to provide the CSU politician Weber with a second company car in a letter dated June 24, 2016. The Parliament prevented this, but enabled Weber's wish to station his company car and driver in Bavaria.

The law professor Sophie Schönberger from the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf criticized the decision: "By using the company car, Mr. Weber has of course gained a competitive advantage in political competition." Green MEP Daniel Freund wants the case on the Committee on Budgetary Control European Parliament discuss. "Especially during the election campaign, you should make sure that there is no doubt about the use of company cars or other materials, the costs of which are borne by the European taxpayer," says Freund.

Weber said to that mirror, he undertakes all trips, including those on CSU dates, as EPP parliamentary group leader and thus in the interests of the service.

The CSU politician was the EPP's top candidate for the European elections last year. Although the EPP received the most votes, there was no majority in the EU Parliament to elect him as Commission President. The member states finally agreed on the CDU politician Ursula von der Leyen, until then German defense minister.

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