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Donald Trump Demonstrates with Opponents of Abortion | TIME ONLINE


As the first US president Donald Trump personally participated in the annual large demonstration of anti-abortion groups in Washington. In his speech at the March for Life, he praised the rally participants and said "unborn children have never had a stronger White House defender".

In an interview in 1999, Trump said he was in favor of "freedom of choice in every respect". Now that the presidential election is nearing the end of the year, Trump is wooing white evangelical voters, who are among his most loyal supporters. "Every life brings love to this world. Every child brings joy to a family. Every person is worth protecting," Trump said under the loud cheers of the several thousand participants in the rally. These are motivated by "pure, selfless love", he said. Trump attacked his political opponents, the Democrats, "radical and extreme positions" abortions verträten.

In the past, presidents such as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, who opposed the right to abortion, stayed away from the annual large-scale demonstration of evangelical lifeguards and simply sent greetings or invited organizers to the White House.

Vice President Mike Pence has been the highest ranking politician to speak at the traditional rally on the anniversary of an important termination decision by the Supreme Constitutional Court. Trump had spoken by video conference in previous years.

In 1973, the US Supreme Court basically declared abortion to be legal in a historic decision. Proponents of the right to abortion fear that this could be reversed or restricted. Since taking office, Trump has appointed two conservative judges to the Supreme Court, in which the conservative camp is now in the majority.

According to a poll by the Pew polling center in 2019, about 60 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Over time, however, both the Republican and Democratic parties took tougher positions for or against the right to an abortion.


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