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Constitution sees abuse of power as reason for impeachment | TIME ONLINE


Prosecutors in impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump confirmed their allegations in the Senate on the second day of the opening speech. "He has
pushed his plan with corrupt intent, "said Adam Schiff, director of the
Prosecution team. Trump had abused his office and put pressure on them
Ukrainian leadership made just to give itself an advantage
procure and support his own re-election campaign. He has
 used unofficial channels and beyond the official ones
US foreign policy acts.

On the second day of the opening speech, the Democrats examined the constitutional foundations for an impeachment and thus dealt with the central argument of the defense.

The defense's assumption that a criminal offense justifies impeachment is "completely wrong," said Democratic MP Jerry Nadler. The founders of constitution In the 18th century, abuse of power was considered a key reason to be removed from office, the chairman of the Justice Committee argued in the House of Representatives. Constitutional lawyers agree on these questions. "To put it simply: Impeachment is the last answer from
Constitution on a president who thinks he's a king, "said

In addition, the Democratic MP said that even Trump's lawyer Alan Dershowitz had in impeachment argued against the then President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s that a crime was not a prerequisite for impeachment. The attorney's statement backed up Nadler with a video recording. Dershowitz has meanwhile
 dissociated from his earlier statement that he has been dealing with the question in more detail since then and is now "a lot."
more correct "than back then.

The US Constitution vaguely states that impeachment against a president is justified in "betrayal, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." For the prosecutors, Trump's abuse of power in the Ukraine affair is a "high crime and misdemeanor."

The Democrats accuse Trump, the Ukrainian president
Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigate his political rival Joe Biden to have pushed to be the 2020 US presidential election
In favor of influencing. The president is said to have made the release of military aid for Ukraine dependent on Selensky's willingness.

Donald Trump – "Impeachment … why?"
The impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump begin in the US Senate. In our video, Rieke Havertz explains what he is accused of and how the process continues.

Prosecutors have 24 hours to convince the Senate

That dominated by the Democrats House of Representatives had over
Months investigated against Trump, interviewed witnesses and experts and
Information gathered
– above all the secret service committee.
The plenary of the Chamber of Congress finally sued Trump with the majority
the Democrats for abuse of power and hindrance to the investigation
in congress. The president rejects the allegations and
 speaks of a purely party-political "witch hunt".

The decision on these allegations lies now with the Senate, with one
 Impeachment takes the role of a court. The prosecutors have up to 24 hours spread over three days, the senators of the Soundness of their allegations against
to convince. After that, the President's defense team –
Probably from Saturday – also up to 24 hours in three days to present their arguments.

After the pleadings from both sides, the senators in the coming
Week the opportunity to ask questions in writing. First
the Senate should then decide whether there are witnesses
be summoned or not.

It is the third impeachment process against a president in the
US history. Trump is impeached in the face of
Senate majority of its Republicans and one high hurdle
Two-thirds majority as almost impossible.


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