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Bayer goes up: possible agreement to pay 10,000 million to those affected by cancer


Bayer could have reached an out-of-court settlement with those affected by Roundup, the drug that would cause cancer, according to the company's plaintiffs. The lawyers have assured Bloomberg that they are arguing to agree to pay about 10,000 million dollars and thus avoid judgments. Bayer shares have risen 1.55% on Friday.

According to the latest calculations, the pharmaceutical firm would have to deal with more than 75,000 plaintiffs who accuse Bayer of causing them cancer by taking their Roundup medication and the component that it includes, the glyphosate. The company has already been hit by billionaire verdicts, as up to three consecutive jurors found that he was responsible for causing cancer.

While most of the plaintiffs' lawyers have agreed to postpone trials pending negotiations, some have decided to remain in court.

For its part, Bayer denies all accusations that Roundup or glyphosate cause cancer, saying that decades of independent studies have shown that the most widely used herbicide in the world is safe for human use and notes that regulators around the world have approved the product.

Some analysts point out that the idea that Bayer reach an agreement to resolve the dispute is good, since "would eliminate the problem at once".


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