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Analyst notes that Google Trends data could bring Bitcoin to $ 100,000 this year


According to cryptocurrency analyst Cryptokea, recent data from Google Trends, the trends for the search term "Buy Bitcoin" recently reached a maximum of seven months, the highest since June 2019, a move that may indicate a new bullish rebound for The main cryptocurrency in the market.

More specifically, the metric has reached a "10" in the long term, with the maximum metric being 100. This may not seem relevant, but notes that every time you see a reading of "10" in "Buy Bitcoin" in the market Cryptocurrencies always found themselves at an essential turning point and an upward movement.

1 / Google search «Buy Bitcoin» reached a maximum of 7 months (score 9). The long-term upward trend is undeniable. The last time the score reached 10 was:
Nov ’13 (beginning)
May ’17 (price of parabolic increase),
Jun ’19 (medium term)
> Feb ’20 (price of parabolic increase?)

When a "10" was seen in November 2013, it marked a bull market of the BTC that raised cryptocurrency irrelevance to more than $ 1,000. In 2017, when a “10” was seen in May, it marked the beginning of an exponential career that raised the BTC from less than $ 3,000 to $ 20,000 in approximately eight months. And when a "10" was seen in June 2019, it marked the recent $ 14,000 cap for Bitcoin.

The analyst added that the "long-term upward trend" for this metric, which correlates with the growth of the Bitcoin price, is "undeniable," pointing to a logarithmic broker that confirms that, over time, more and more people they want to buy the cryptocurrency In this way, according to him, the new "10" can make Bitcoin reach a new high at $ 100 million.

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