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"We have to reconcile emotions with the facts" TIME ONLINE


At her appearance at the World Economic Forum in
Swiss Davos has chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) a stronger one
Stand up for environmental protection. Reaching the goals of the Parisian
Climate change agreement of 2015 is a "question of survival".

In this context, Merkel warned
social conflicts in the fight against global warming.
There is speechlessness between people
who denied climate change and those for whom climate protection is paramount
Urgency. Facts competed with emotions. That worries her. "We have to have emotions with the facts
reconcile. That presupposes that you speak to each other, "the Chancellor campaigned for more dialogue.

In addition, the "impatience of youth" must be positive and
be included constructively. The youth have a completely different one
Life horizon. "That is why we are asked to act," said Merkel. The goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 is a huge one
Feat. Production processes in the steel industry, for example, would have to be completely
be converted. "Green" hydrogen will play a major role in this. This
can outside Europe be generated better.

Cooperation with China

In addition, especially in
In the area of ​​climate protection should be worked more closely with China. This is one of the big issues in the planned
EU-China summit in Leipzig in September, said Merkel. China introduce
Emissions trading system, this could be linked to the European system
become. In addition to climate protection, there is also an agreement with China on
Investment protection. However, it is not certain whether this will succeed. And also
the relationship with the African states is to be debated.

According to Merkel, she wants to prevent a new bipolarity in the world, between the United States and China. The social order of the United States would be closer to Europe,
at the same time, however, a country in which a communist party has rule is economically successful. That is why Europe should
find a "smart way" between partnering with the United States
Basic values ​​and an economic competition in which decisions could "be made differently". Europe must "be very smart
decide how we, especially in the age of digitization
bypassing Chinese offers, "said Merkel. It was important to balance security and the question of decoupling from Chinese added value.

In her speech went
Merkel also addresses geostrategic challenges. Germany wanted
play a de-escalating role. Peace processes would then also have to start
are set when they are difficult, said Merkel. "If we are Syria
see, we must not allow that to happen again in Libya
happened, "said the Chancellor, referring to the Libya conference on
last weekend. So the states of the North African Sahel would have to
get more international support in the fight against terrorism. "Because
no development without security. And without development there is definitely
no security either, "said Merkel.

In the area of ​​development policy, she quit
that Germany has another 600 million euros for the global vaccination alliance
Gavi provides. With
the money is supposed to fight diseases and the medical system by 2025
be improved. This wants
Germany also during its EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020
support. For this purpose, it is to have a summit in Brussels with the African
States give so that "one does not trade for, but with Africa".

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