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The Gemini exchange is giving away $ 20USD for learning about cryptocurrencies


The Gemini cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of a new educational campaign on cryptocurrencies by 2020, considered the "YearOfCrypto".

In fact, the company of twins Winklevoss explains in the tweet that this 2020 is the year of cryptocurrencies and to help people understand them better, they launched the cryptocurrency campaign 20in2020 , which consists of 20 things you should know about cryptocurrencies in this 2020.

In addition, Gemini decided to grant a $ 20 bitcoin bonus to those who will complete their learning journey at getstarted.gemini.com/20in2020.

The exchange is aware that ordinary people have many questions about these new technologies and, based on the most frequently asked questions, have developed a learning path with 20 things they should know about the world of cryptocurrencies and how to begin to approach cryptocurrencies in 2020.

There are 20 questions and answers, ranging from what is a cryptocurrency to what are the developments that are still taking place, including the definition of blockchain, the advantages of cryptocurrencies, why invest in the cryptocurrency sector, opinions of some people about Bitcoin, the difference with other cryptocurrencies and stable currencies, etc.

At the end of the course, there is a survey with three questions. By sending the answers, it will be possible to access the exchange with a special button to redeem the prize in BTC of $ 20USD.

This very short educational program is just a first small step to acquire the basic information to enter this sector, it is definitely not enough to learn everything necessary to operate in an informed way, and the $ 20 bonus shows that the initiative basically aims at increase the number of exchange members.

2020 really feels like a year that could be very interesting for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, especially among ordinary people and in the traditional financial system.

In this sense, one of the Winklevoss wrote some days ago:

“In 5 years, 70% of the workforce will be millennials. Millennials understand the power of the digital gold thesis: they want software, not hardware, they want bitcoin. ”

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