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Norbert Walter-Borjans wants higher top tax rate from € 76,000 | TIME ONLINE


SPD leader Norbert Walter-Borjans has spoken out in favor of a new regulation of the top tax rate. "The top tax rate should only start at a higher income than today," said Walter-Borjans Handelsblatt, At the same time, it should be raised from 42 percent to 45 percent for incomes above EUR 76,000. According to Walter-Borjans, everyone up to an annual income of almost 90,000 euros would be relieved. "From this limit you can no longer speak of average earners," he said.

Walter-Borjans can also imagine a reduction in income tax. "The income tax for lower incomes could be significantly reduced if, in return, loopholes were effectively filled, but taxes for top earners, the wealthy and heirs would also increase," he said Handelsblatt According. Walter Borjans rejected corporate tax cuts. Such a reduction is of no use to anyone.

With the Left and the FDP, two parties in particular had recently advertised a reduction in the top tax rate, which is otherwise seldom agreed. Left Group leader Dietmar Bartsch called for skilled workers and middle-income people to be taken out of top taxation. FDP party leader Christian Lindner said the Süddeutsche ForexNews.onlineungIt is a "shame that the top tax rate has eaten deep into society."

The Top rate currently pay around four million people. But that doesn't mean
that these people actually 42 percent of their income to the state
have to give up. Because the top tax rate does not have to be paid on the total income,
but only on the part of the income that has a certain limit
exceeds. This limit is currently on taxable income
from 55,961 euros for singles and 111,922 euros for married couples.


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