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Justin Sun from TRON raises a possible partnership with Apple co-founder


Highly criticized for frequent exaggerations to promote TRON, Justin Sun again posted critical messages on Twitter. This time, the founder of the platform hinted that an association with Apple co-founder is yet to come.

Sun met Steve Wozniak, known as "The Woz." After the meeting, held in California, in the United States, he retweeted a publication made by Wozniak on Wednesday, January 22, which talked about lunch:

“It was an honor to meet the legendary Woz, co-founder of @Apple! We look forward to our partnership! ”Commented Sun.

In general, the community, which is already accustomed to Sun's ads, did not react enthusiastically. One of the followers tweeted:

"Surprise! Another announcement about another false association … how original «.

Another user of the network recalled another lunch announced by Sun, which never happened, and noted that The Woz is no longer active at Apple (Wozniak ceased to be an active contributor to Apple in 1985):

“The partnership with Apple is not happening… Woz no longer works and does not own the Apple company. But at least, you finally have lunch with someone you've all been waiting for. ”

Although many members of the community doubt a collaboration between Sun and Woznieak, some have been excited about the alleged partnership:

"You know this involves a wallet on the iPhone … Samsung did it, why Apple and Woz don't love cryptocurrencies?"

Lunch that never happened

In June 2019, Justin Sun participated and won an auction whose auctioned item was a lunch with Warren Buffett, a skeptical Bitcoin investor. To do this, Sun offered $ 4.6 million. However, this meeting was initially postponed due to Sun's renal crisis. After that, the issue seems to have been forgotten and the meeting never happened.

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