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Escarrer (Meliá) criticizes Greta and Amazon and defends the 'green' strategy of the airlines


The vice president and CEO of the hotel group Meliá, Gabriel Escarrer, is one of the managers of listed companies that says what he thinks and, this Wednesday, on the opening day of Fitur, criticized the impact on the environment that online shopping has through giants such as Amazon and the impossibility of all citizens traveling as Greta Thunberg.

"Come in catamaran from america I don't know if it's exemplary, because not everyone can, ”he said during the presentation of the hotel opening plans for the coming years. It is not the first time that the CEO of the tourism group talks about the Swedish activist. At the end of November, he already considered that his way of traveling, avoiding airplanes, because of his C02 emissions is a laudable, but not realistic option.

Run away too defended the airline strategy, to reduce its environmental footprint, although it is one of the most criticized sectors. In his opinion, its impact is under the magnifying glass, something that does not happen with other sectors, such as online shopping, with giants like Amazon as the main exponent of this new consumption model.


"There are sectors that leave rositas," said the director during his speech at the main fair in the tourism sector. "Amazon shopping and shopping in unexpected places, in Pakistan, India … and you have it at home quickly, in a few hours," said Escarrer, who said that this model of international shipments account for 2% of emissions.

Instead, he defended the airline strategy, even though they are in focus. He noted that, as indicated by the president of Iberia (in reference to Luis Gallego), each decade the efficiency of aircraft is improved by 25%.

The CEO of the tourism group has also assessed the impact that the increase in minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) It may have in a sector that does not grow as in previous years. On Tuesday he pointed it out in the Exceltur forum, before the President of the Government Pedro Sanchez. Escarrer considered that it can have “serious” consequences. He said that it is that "any social progress is feasible and sustainable, and that does not coincide negatively in employment at a time of slowdown in the economy in general and tourism in particular."

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