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Second day in the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump: The defense lawyers and the presidential party must leave the podium in the Senate Chamber to the accusers by Friday. 24 hours, spread over three days,
the so-called Impeachment Managers, seven Democrats
the House of Representatives, their arguments and evidence for one
Show impeachment of the president.

The fat white one
Folder with which the democrat Adam Schiff arrives shortly after 1 p.m.
The lectern kicked, suggesting that the prosecutors were closing their time window
want to exhaust. The California MP began to be
Plea with a quote from Alexander Hamilton. In it warns
Founding father in front of a man who among other things "without principles in
Private life "with" despotic behavior "a danger for the
Could represent freedom. Hamilton died 212 years before Trump became president
President was elected. Schiff wanted to make it clear
that the founding fathers of the United States someone like Donald
Trump had in mind when they saw their system of
Developed separation of powers.

This was followed by a presentation of the almost eight and a half hours
Allegations against the President. The prosecutors carried one after the other
before what the House of Representatives investigation against Trump ans
Have brought light – "very detailed", as the ship already in the
Had announced in advance. A challenge for that
Ability to concentrate of all involved, to whom the exertions of the
The night before were clearly noticeable when they were up until two o'clock
Democratic rules of procedure had advised that almost
all have been rejected by the Republican majority in the Senate

On Wednesday, the Democrats now shared their views on the process
the Ukraine affair before, systematic and relined with many
Video snippets from previous investigations.

Impeachment manager Hakeem Jeffries analyzed the phone call
between Trump and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Selenskyj
of July, in which the US President passed his counterpart on the
Bidens is said to have addressed. The New York MP
also described a telephone conversation between Trump and the
Diplomat Gordon Sondland, in which the president is believed to be
inquired about the status of the investigation. Sondland was part of the so-called three Amigos, which included Energy Minister Rick Perry
and the diplomat Kurt Volker, whose activities included
Impeachment managers also documented. The three should be the
Ukrainian government allegedly make clear that a
Visit of Selensky to the White House and later the payment of 391
Millions of dollars of military aid are linked to demands: The
Ukrainian president should be made to indict
including investigations against the former US Vice President
Announce Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Of that, so are ships
and convinced his fellow accusers, Trump wanted in the coming
Campaign benefit.

In repetitive loops

But these allegations are now well known to everyone.
The Ukraine affair has dominated the country for almost four months
Mainstream media coverage. In
The allegations have been heard numerous times and numerous times
repeated. Every new small piece of information was published in the press
Detail analyzed and partly stylized as a breakthrough. The
The content of the impeachment procedure seems to be in
Play repeat loops.

You could get this impression on Wednesday afternoon,
as the prosecutor again and again facts and video clips
demonstrated that are already widely known from the evening news
should be. And the impeachment managers didn't
Charges and arguments again in a novel
to present entertaining form. Even the one-liners that
Schiff used during his lecture are well known. "If
this behavior is not impeachable, then there is nothing at all
impeachbar " said
on Wednesday night about Trump. That is why the quote sounds like this
familiar, because ship previously made it public in slight variations
at least twice
has used.

This is also why it is unlikely that the Democrats in
to pull enough Republicans on their side in impeachment proceedings
can. 20 senators from the opposite side would have to ship and his
Colleagues convince to vote for Trump's impeachment.
Given its popularity rating of
currently 88 percent
this almost applies to party supporters
locked out. Republican-influenced senators
States that vote with the Democrats would have to fight for theirs
Fear reelection. So Trump is highly likely
acquitted. Still, Schiff urged the senators to
to remain impartial. Rather, in view of the
Majority ratios are not left either.


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