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Cyprus asks Germany for help in dispute with Turkey | TIME ONLINE


One day before Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Turkey
Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades called her over the phone
mediated between Nicosia and Ankara. The chancellor
should meet with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip
on Friday for an end of the Natural gas drilling of Turkish ships
in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the EU country Cyprus

Cyprus State Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) reported on Thursday.
Anastasiades emphasized that this was also the EU's demand.

 Search for natural gas through Turkey in the sea area Cyprus Has
dangerous tensions triggered in the eastern Mediterranean. The Turkish
ship Yavuz has been leading south of the Cypriot for a few days
Port city of Limassol drill holes through. It was the sixth unauthorized
Borehole for natural gas, which Turkey in the Cypriot Exclusive
Economic zone (EEZ), the Cypriot press reported. The
Government in Nicosia calls Ankara's actions piracy.

How Turkey is expanding its claims in the Mediterranean

 had a few years ago with Israel, Greece and
Egypt joined together in an alliance to conserve natural gas in the
to divide the eastern Mediterranean among themselves. The Turkey does not belong to
 Alliance. That is why President Erdoğan endured 2019 with Libya
official government agreed that the exclusive
Turkey's economic zone extends to the southwest and thus a direct one
Creates maritime border to the Libyan economic zone. This greatly enlarged
 Zone is a provocation for the neighboring countries. Erdoğan wants
Tripoli the enlarged zone with military aid for the Libyan
Pay civil war.

Cyprus does not become Turkey
accepted. Ankara therefore rejects the search for natural gas through the
Cypriot government as long as the Turkish Cypriots do not agree
and the Cyprus issue has not been resolved. Cyprus has been after one since 1974
Greek coup and a Turkish military intervention. in the
 To the north there is the Turkish Republic, which is only recognized by Turkey
Northern Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus, whose government controls the southern part, is
EU member since 2004. Numerous talks to overcome the division
have failed.

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