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Chris Evans: About Knitted Sweater | time Magazine


Chris Evans was Captain America, as a human torch one of the Fantastic Four and is in Snowpiercer circled around an icy earth for years before sacrificing himself to save humanity. With nothing, the superhero among Hollywood superstars has attracted as much attention as with a cream-colored knit sweater with a cable pattern.

He wears such a part in his latest film, Knives out. to a largely blasted expression, which triggered a candystorm in social networks. For the sweater, not for the wearer. Then as Evans a photo of his dog in a woolly partner look tweeted, the time had come: everyone had to own this knitted sweater, the one with the cable pattern, at the beginning of the year it was no longer available in the USA.

Just why?

If you want to know why reasoned people fall in love with a knitted sweater, you have to watch Rosamunde Pilcher films. In Rosamunde Pilcher films, a stressed-out urbanist comes to Cornwall, visits an aunt or a friend of her mother and sees a dazzling-looking man in a knitted sweater when getting out of the convertible. Sometimes it is a fisherman, sometimes a forester and sometimes a gardener with a high school diploma. Shortly afterwards, the city dweller stands, her hands embracing a mug of tea, in front of a panoramic window in her aunt's cottage, looking longingly into the distance. Nature, the original, the knitted sweater.

Where there is a knitted sweater to cuddle, a hot whiskey, a fireplace and a bearskin in front of it must not be missing. And when all these things – city dweller and fisherman / forester / gardener with a high school diploma – come together in the film, the men among the audience say to themselves: I have to have a knitted sweater too!

At the latest when a suit snippet pulls up in another convertible, but the city dweller decides on the knitted sweater, the boys are already looking for instructions for the cable pattern on the net. But there is no knitting yet. Who will react to Rosamunde Pilcher if he wants to be a real guy? Cool guys know that sooner or later Captain America will wear a cable knit sweater – and then it starts.

And so it was now. The net is overflowing with photos of men of different levels of attractiveness in knitted pullovers of different price levels that let the world know how they feel now. The only stupid thing is that the real guys and the cool overlook a small problem: If the city dweller wants more than cuddling, they have to do what their knitted sweater promises.


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