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Cellnex's historical nth maximum: it is boringly bullish


Recently, the Cellnex titles left behind the resistance of 42 euros (previous historical highs) to continue the impeccable upward trend in the background.

As you already know, there is not much to say about a title that is listed in all-time highs, as is the case with those underlying that are quoted in absolute freefall. What does not take away so that on specific occasions dynamic resistance / supports can be observed. But in the case at hand it is not the case. All we know is that Cellnex It cannot be more bullish and since December 2018 lows the price accumulates a revaluation of 130%. If anything and forcing the situation a bit, it could be said that it has a clear path to the top of the potential bullish channel that the price seems to be shaping since March 2019: now at approximately 51 euros.

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