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Anti-IS coalition has partially resumed activities | TIME ONLINE


The United States' international military coalition against the
Terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) in the Iraq has their support of
Iraqi security forces partially resumed. Either
Reconnaissance as well as fighter planes are in use, also found
various levels of deliberations were held, the deputy said
Commander of Operation Inherent Resolve, Alexus Grynkewich. Training the
Iraqi security forces have largely been exposed, he said. There were talks at government level
when the partnership will be fully resumed.

 The anti-IS coalition had the support of the fight in early January
exposed to IS. The reason was tense security situation in
of the region
after the killing of the Iranian general Kassem Soleimani by the United States, You will become the Iraqis
continue to support and be ready at a later date
At that time, it was said to be fully dedicated to the fight against IS.

do not look like that IS suspending activities for
could use, said Grynkewich. The Iraqi security forces
were "quite aggressive" without the usual support.
 "So pressure is still on IS," said Grynkewich.
The terrorist militia has the potential to regain strength,
if the pressure is not maintained, he warned.

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