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Whoever wants to be credible, first of all, makes the bow
to your own biography. Angela Merkel is a master at it. Than at the meeting
the world elite in Davos owns the stage for a good three quarters of an hour, she refers first
on the fact that she herself saw the end of the GDR 30 years ago. That have
they shaped. "You can do a lot in 30 years, but I know how scarce it is
Time is ", she says with meaning – and is already involved in the mega topic
that she wants to score in Davos: climate change, of course. And, according to her message,
time is short here too. Germany and Europe would have dealt with the
Climate neutrality 2050 a transformation of "gigantic proportions"
performed. In the end there was no alternative: "It is a question of the
Survive, "said Merkel." We are asked to act. "

Like hardly any other of the great politicians these days
in Swiss Davos make great speeches, Merkel presents herself with her appearance
on the side of the global climate protection movement and the Fridays for Future
(FFF). Just two days earlier, US President Donald Trump had the necessary change in an entire economic and
Social system completely ignored. The Chancellor, the sustainability idea
accordingly in the same outfit as a year earlier, almost used
half of her speaking time on it: how do we manage the transformation? How
Let’s tackle the nuclear phase-out and at the same time the coal exit (like Merkel does
in Germany since the sign of Fukushima has been trying the energy transition
exclaimed)? And how do we still master the challenges of digital transformation?
"We have to come up with completely new forms of economy," Merkel is convinced.

Secondly, because it also promotes credibility when
if you openly address the problems, Merkel then reports of the big ones
Cracks that have been going through Germany for several years: The reluctant
Rural population against the enthusiastic city dwellers who are new to the opportunities
Being open to mobility. The boys who push and
are impatient against the old who persist. Merkel – even 65 years old – clearly shows solidarity with her
of youth. "We older people have to be careful that we have impatience
to accept the youth positively, "she says.

It is a speech that is likely to come from many people here in Davos
Heart speaks. The big gap between a Greta Thunberg and a Donald Trump, who are irreconcilably opposed to each other, is here in the Swiss Alps
once again became obvious: Here is the 17-year-old activist who the
Politics accuses failure and doing nothing. There the US president who is in need
ignored the youth and did not pay any attention to climate change. This
Speechlessness worries her and must be overcome, Merkel warns –
and uses it to put into words what many of the audience feel the same way.

And yet the emotional speech shows a great deal
widespread contradiction in the climate debate, which the Chancellor does not either
escapes, despite all the fine words. Even if it's the human project
Summoned "climate neutrality", it remains guilty of the proposed solutions. Good,
that there is hardly any room for critical counter-questions here in Davos, because the climate chancellor's balance sheet as she sees it
Staged here, looks sad for Germany: CO2 emissions are in
during her reign, Merkel also repeatedly appeared in Brussels as
Lobbyist of the German auto industry, the coal exit law is waiting
goodbye for a year.

Merkel's balancing act may also be the godfather for
the World Economic Forum itself: secluded in the snowy mountains
Powers benevolent statements from politics and business what has been done
needs to be done to improve the world. If it goes well, they even put in
Prospect of getting involved. However, it is unlikely that this will really happen

Whether the global climate protection movement with Angela Merkel
has found the right advocate, Merkel must in Germany and in
Prove Europe with its government work. She doesn't have much time
more for that.

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