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Weinstein calls the prosecution "sex offenders and rapists" | TIME ONLINE


In the lawsuit against the film producer Harvey Weinstein
 the public prosecutor has serious sexual crimes against the accused
accused. Evidence would show "that this man is a
Is sex offender and rapist, "prosecutor Meghan Hast said in her opening plea.

Hast set out the cases of several women, the Weinstein
 sexually harassed. Accordingly, he had "his power in the
Entertainment industry used to ensure their silence "
 Prosecutor announced that the alleged victims are sharing their experiences during the trial
become. "At last her voices will be heard," said the prosecutor.

All in all
Over 80 women had accused Weinstein of sexual assault in the past few years, and with it the worldwide #MeToo movement
triggered. However, this process is only about allegations by two
 Women: The founder of the Miramax film studio is in the process
accused of former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006
Oral sex imposed
 to have and in 2013 raped the actress Jessica Mann
to have. However, many of the other alleged acts did not take place in new York instead of or
 are too long to be negotiated.

Exchange of blows between indictment and defense

Weinstein rejects the allegations and speaks of consensual
sexual acts. If convicted, he faces life imprisonment.
 He pleaded not guilty.

His defense accused the alleged victims of contradicting statements. Evidence from these witnesses themselves showed that their allegations were not true, Weinstein attorney Damon Cheronis said in his opening speech: "He was not this masterful manipulator."

Everything prosecutor Hast just said is "no evidence. She wasn't there," Cheronis said. The defense attorney showed a number of messages from witnesses to the prosecution that they allegedly sent to Weinstein after the alleged acts.

According to the lawyers, the production assistant Mimi Haleyi sent an email to Weinstein in which she expressed regret that they had not seen each other for so long. The message is therefore signed with "Peace & Love". Cheronis said of actress Jessica Mann that she wrote Weinstein after the alleged rape "I love you, I always do".

Outrage excitement over Clinton photo

Another reason for the excitement for the defense was a photo that the prosecutor showed in the courtroom. It showed Weinstein together with former US President Bill Clinton. "President Clinton has nothing to do with the case," said lawyer Arthur Aidala. He suspected that the prosecution was trying to remind the jury of Clinton's impeachment procedure for a sexually inappropriate relationship – after all, another impeachment proceedings were pending.

Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon then stated that Clinton did play a role in the trial because Weinstein used his good relationship with the politician as a means of intimidating a woman. Judge James Burke rejected the defense's attempt to burst the trial, partly because of the Clinton photos.

Two cases are being negotiated

With the opening plea of ​​the indictment, the process now begins in terms of content. A tough battle between charges and defense is expected
Credibility of the witnesses.

When entering the Manhattan courtroom, Weinstein did not use his walker, which he had last used after a car accident and a subsequent back operation. The accused was from
Accompanied advisers and lawyers. When asked whether
that he’ll get a fair trial, Weinstein said, "I have good lawyers."

His defense by chief lawyer Donna Rotunno will apparently be based on the fact that the women agreed to have sex with the producer because they thought they would benefit from their careers. The defendant's team of lawyers wants, among other things
Submit emails to show that women are sexual
Relationships with the producer. In the process, the lawyers are likely to cross-examine the women.

After the opening speeches by the prosecution and the defense, the first testimony should be heard. The prosecutor wants four
call on other women as witnesses to prove, like the former Hollywood producer
 took advantage of his influence to ingratiate yourself with women before
he is said to have perpetrated on them
, One of them is the actress mentioned
Annabella Sciorra, whose own allegations are time-barred. She will testify this Thursday.

 Process had started on January 6th. The following two weeks
the twelve jurors were selected, seven men and five women.
 The process, which started two weeks ago, is expected to continue until early March. In the first few weeks, twelve jurors and three people were selected to replace a pool of originally more than 600 people. A large part was eliminated because there were many
potential jury declared biased. Nevertheless, criticism was voiced that young white women in particular were excluded.


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