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UN experts call for hacker attack on Amazon boss | TIME ONLINE


The phone from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
  is in the opinion of
UN experts may have been hacked after seeing a document dated
Saudi Crown Prince's WhatsApp account Mohammed bin Salman receive
 Has. This USA should start an investigation immediately, demanded
United Nations experts.

U.S. and other relevant agencies need to determine whether Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is personally involved in attempts to target alleged opponents, said independent human rights arbitrator, Agnes Callamard, and her freelance colleague, David Kaye, in Geneva with.

Saudi Arabia had rejected a corresponding media report. The accusations are absurd, the Saudi tweeted
 Message in the United States, One is asked to investigate the claims
thus "all facts come to light".

Previously, the Guardian citing anonymous sources,
 that Bezos will receive an encrypted WhatsApp message in May 2018
have apparently sent from the Crown Prince's personal account
has been. According to a forensic analysis, this message is said to be a
video file
included on the Bezos smartphone according to the im Guardian
cited analysis "infected with high probability". Within
 Hours should then be large amounts of data from the device
downloaded. But you have no knowledge of which
The content is exactly what he writes Guardian, Bezos and Bin Salman had previously had a friendly chat exchange.

Jamal Khashoggi worked for Bezos' Washington Post newspaper

Bezos owns the newspaper Washington Post.
for which the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi worked and critically reviewed
Saudi Arabia had reported. Khashoggi was held in October 2018
Saudi consulate killed in Istanbul. Moved in the wake of the murder
Crown Prince Mohammed criticized himself because of some of the suspected killings
involved agents worked directly for him.

"The information we received indicates that the Crown Prince may be involved in the surveillance of Bezos," wrote Callamard and Kaye. These notes are for the investigations relevant to the death of Khashoggi. Callamard had found "credible evidence" in an investigation into the circumstances of the crime, which she believed indicated that senior Saudi officials, including the Crown Prince, were responsible. In her report to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2019, she asked for further investigations.

In December
reported on Saudi state television, five people are in
Khashoggi murder case sentenced to death
, Saudi Arabia has that
Proceedings against the accused are largely secret


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