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Saudi Arabia Denies Hacker Attack Against Amazon Chief | TIME ONLINE


Saudi Arabia has rejected a media report claiming the smartphone from Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos was hacked on behalf of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Saudi embassy in the United States tweeted the allegations were absurd. An investigation into the allegations is called for so that "all facts come to light". Bezos is also the owner of the Washington Post,

The Guardian Citing anonymous sources, had reported that Bezos received an encrypted WhatsApp message in May 2018, which was apparently sent from the Crown Prince's personal account. According to the results of a digital forensic analysis, a damaged video file infected the smartphone. Large amounts of data were downloaded from Bezo's device within a few hours. But they have no knowledge of what exactly it is, the reported Guardian, Before that, Bezos and I would have Salman had a friendly chat exchange.

The US tabloid National Enquirer had published intimate details about the private life of the multi-billionaire Bezos at the beginning of 2019. The origin of the material has so far not been clarified beyond any doubt. Bezos opened an investigation to find out how the National Enquirer to which the data had been obtained. The brother of his new partner was suspected for a long time.

Back in March, Bezos' chief of security revealed
 that the Saudi Crown Prince apparently has a close relationship with the chief of the
American Media INC, David Pecker. Belongs to the media company
including the National Enquirer. Either Saudi Arabia as well as the National Enquirer contest according to the new report of the Guardian however, that Saudi Arabia has something to do with the revelations. Bezos was
According to their own information, the magazine blackmailed them with nude photos.

This is not the first time that Pecker is in focus. In the 2016 US election campaign
he is said to have kept the affairs of his friend, today's US President Donald Trump, out of the headlines, although the National Enquirer
who had bought exclusive rights to the story.

Attack shortly before Kashoggi murder

Five months after the alleged hacker attack on Bezos, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Khashoggi had the last years of his life in the United States spent and for
the Washington Post written, bought by Bezos in 2013
was. The Crown Prince is considered a possible client for the murder.

 wrote in his column in the Washington Post regularly critical
about the Saudi kingdom. After his death, the Washington Post a team to the
 investigate the circumstances surrounding his murder. Bezos showed up
also in public with Khashoggi's wife Hatice Cengiz.


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