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Sánchez promises in Davos to reduce the deficit and asks to overcome the "failure of neoliberalism"


The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, has defended during his intervention in the Davos World Economic Forum This Wednesday, the Spanish economy is now "more robust and balanced than in the past," however, he stressed that "economic growth at any price is not acceptable."

"It is not acceptable to grow at any price" or "generate inequality and pockets of poverty", which means that "You have to grow and distribute at the same time", always exercising "fiscal rigor with a solid management of public accounts". "We need a world in which men and women earn the same salary and in which wealth is distributed proportionally," said Sánchez.

However, the socialist leader has defended the situation of the Spanish economy, which "is now more robust and balanced than in the past" and "It continues to grow faster than the eurozone". Even so, it considers that "we have to improve our competitiveness, productivity and cohesion so that this growth is sustained in the long term".

"We need a world in which wealth is distributed proportionally"

Sanchez has referred to the "real problem of tax evasion" and has defended the need for "tax justice" so that there is "social justice", ensuring that "redistributing income through taxes" is not enough, but that "redistribution" must be advanced and ensure that the market is formed in a "fairer" manner. In this regard, he has insisted that "inclusive and respectful" growth is compatible with fiscal commitments.

On the other hand, he has pointed out the good hopes he has for the newly opened Coalition Government to work by underlining its commitment. "It will not be a government that stays idly by" on issues such as inequality, but "willing to act, committed to society and the future." Thus, the new Executive "will always exercise fiscal rigor and solid management of public accounts", with the "commitment" to reduce debt and public deficit to generate greater confidence and allow "more possibilities for action."

Among the challenges facing the Spanish Executive, Sánchez has pointed to the future of the labor market and digital transformation. "Human capital will be key to enable technological change, with vital education and research to ensure a good future." In addition, he believes that the transition is not possible at all if people are left behind: "Gender equality must also be guaranteed, either to end sexual harassment and aggression or to boost female economic participation".

The president of the Government has also referred to other parties. "The extreme right and nationalism can only be fought with the policy of the common good" "response to the problems" of citizenship. Because "citizens will believe in democracy if democracy believes in them" and gives them "opportunities," he has argued.

This Wednesday, Sánchez, which is the second time he attends this forum, is also going to meet with Appel, Google and Amazon executives. On this occasion, he has traveled accompanied by the two vice-presidents of the Government responsible for the ecological transition and the digital revolution, two axes in which he has emphasized: Teresa Ribera and Nadia Calviño.


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